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Dear Participant,

We offer a summer externship program through the Academy of Rural Veterinarians. You can apply by going to their website at  

We are a progressive and busy practice with three full-time veterinarians. Our Bowie clinic includes three seperate buildings: small animal, equine and bovine.  Our bovine caseload consists mainly of preventative herd health management, individual health assessments and reproduction services.  We also provide services for several area daries.  Equine work includes preventative medicine, dental care, routine surgeries, lameness evaluations, reproductive management and laceration and wound care. We provide care for ranch horses, cutting horses and a few "show" horses.  Our small animal caseload consists of routine preventative medicine, advanced medicine cases, routine surgery, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

Our diagnostic equipment includes: 

digital imaging, lasercyte cbc, catalyst chemistry and elecrtrolyte analyzer, UA analyzer, blood gas analyzer, video endoscope, otoscope, arthoscope, and laproscope.  

Externs will be exposed to a true mixed animal practice.   

Stacy Smith
1403 Hwy 59 N
Bowie, TX 76230
940-872-2161 Phone
940-872-5259 Fax
[email protected] 

[email protected]

If you are interested in participating in our Student Externship Program, please fill out the following form. 
All submitted forms will be considered and you will be contacted by us.


Cross Timbers Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Student Externship Program
Application Form
Name      _______________________________________________
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Phone (Include area code) _______________________________________
Veterinary college _____________________________________________

Class: Freshman  Sophomore  Junior  Senior 

Prior practice experience _________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________
Desired length of externship ______________________________________________________________
First choice proposed externship dates (if no choice, enter "None") 

Second choice proposed externship dates (if no choice, enter "None") 

Will you have your own transportation? Yes  No  

If no, will you need transportation from: 
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Do you request other accommodations? If so, provide a brief description. If no, enter "None" 

Describe your career interests, previous rural practice experience and your goals for an externship with us. 

In addition to this form you will need a letter from a faculty member at your veterinary college with an assessment of your demonstrated interest in rural practice. Please mail this referral to:

Cross Timbers Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
1403 Hwy 59 N
Bowie, TX 76230


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